Summary: Great overall product mix with good user feedback, decent pricing, and customer service is very helpful. Super Speciosa kratom packs a powerful punch not only with their kratom but also with the overall brand experience for it's users.

Super Speciosa is an American company (based in Austin, TX) that provides consumers with highly concentrated dietary supplements. All of our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art FDA registered facilities and are GMP certified to ensure that they are always getting the highest quality product. In addition to high quality products, super speciosa is dedicated to serving consumers with the highest level of community service. We dedicate a portion of our profits to various charities each year. As our community grows, so does our dedication to charitable giving. They have been in service since 2010.

Good prices
Fast shipping
Great selection of products
Checkout can feel clumsy at times


Super Speciosa provides a large variety of dietary supplements and vitamins for customers to choose from. Their products are designed to promote both physical and mental health. Some of the most popular supplements include Null Oil, Red Oil, and Super Charge.


Super Speciosa products are organic, farm-grown and manufactured in Florida. All of the ingredients in their products are pesticide free, non-GMO and vegan friendly. Super Speciosa also offers different packages to suit each person’s needs. Packages range from 2oz bottles to 8oz bottles and are available for as low as $20 per bottle.

Red oil is an all-natural energy booster. it has been called one of the most potent energy supplements on the market. Red oil is a concentrated blend of fast-acting beta-caryophyllene (BCP), fast-acting beta-pinene (BzP), antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The whole herb extract is proprietary and contains hundreds of active ingredients. The red oil is 250mg per bottle.

Super Charge: Can help boost work performance, energy, mental clarity and focus. Supercharge is an organic blend of 1% L-theanine, 200 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous from green tea extract (tea bags in each bottle), 500 mg Chromium Picolinate from chromium picolinate 3:1 complex, 100 mg Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Holy Basil Leaf Extract and Beta-sitosterol (from soy) in every bottle.


Prices vary depending on the size and the package. As a general guideline, Super Speciosa carries a wide variety of products, ranging from 1oz bottles to 8oz bottles, in various flavors and packages. The most popular flavors include lemonade, watermelon and “no sugar added.” Below is a list of some of their most popular products:

* all prices are subject to change daily *

super speciosa offers different packages such as 2 ounce bottles to 8 ounce bottles in various flavors and packaging.

2oz: $18

4oz: $30

8oz: $60

super speciosa offers different packages such as 2 ounce bottles to 8 ounce bottles in various flavors and packaging.


2oz: $20

4oz: $35 (for a limit of 4)

8 oz: $60 for a limit of 4


The website is completely free for order and shipping. Once someone places an order, they have the option of using a credit card or paying by check.

Here are current reviews from customers:

* Super Speciosa Shipped Fast and Safe, Results as Promised! -5 Stars

* I’m very impressed with their service! This is my first time ordering from them. The product arrived neatly packed and on time. When I opened it, the smell was amazing! The taste was perfect! The smell is a little strong for me, but I just added a little bit of water to make it easier for me to drink. I’m not getting any type of high from this. It’s just making me feel relaxed and calm. Very happy with my purchase and will definitely be ordering again.

* Super Speciosa Shipped Fast & Safe By AMP Kignia -5 Stars

* My first time ordering from them.

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