Summary: A number of advantages can be found when compared to other brands. Such as length of doing business, loyal customer base, or regular promotions. A must-try brand for kratom enthusiasts.

Kraken Kratom is a company based in Portland, Oregon. The company deals with herbal extracts and has a range of different products containing kratom. They have been in operation since 2015 and are now one of the leading manufacturers of kratom in the market.

Good prices
Ease of navigation on website
Workout formulas
Not many discounts available


The following are the different products of Kraken kratom:

1) Kratom Capsules and Tea Powder
The Kraken kratom capsules are manufactured in the USA and contain 2 grams of powder. The product has interesting packaging that looks like a bottle of alcohol. The product that can be purchased online is considered to be one of their popular products.

Kraken Kratom Tea Powder is another product that boasts consistency in its high quality and is easy to prepare. It has several health benefits similar to those of capsules but it is not as consistent when it comes to the potency and the effects on the body. Its price is approximately $21 per 30 grams.

2) Kraken Pre-Workout
Kraken pre-workout is another product among the products manufactured by Kraken kratom. The product is mainly used by athletes who need to have a high level of energy and stamina to achieve peak performance. It helps in boosting focus and preventing fatigue.
It contains 100mg of caffeine and has several other ingredients that help in increasing energy levels. It cost approximately $68.

3) Kava Tea Powder
This product is very similar to the Kraken kratom tea powder and is also manufactured using all-natural ingredients. It is said that the product helps in boosting energy levels and also increasing mental clarity. The product has been recommended for people who are suffering from anxiety and depression. It cost around $40.

4) Super Indo
The product is said to have an active ingredient called Mitragynine which helps in increasing energy levels. It helps in increasing concentration and focus and also relieves pain. It is said the product is highly effective because it has been extracted using the latest technology. Super Indo 20grams price ranges around $23 

5) Bali Kratom
This is a product that is said to have relief effects and helps in relieving pain. It also helps in increasing energy levels and also acts as a mood enhancer. Its price is approximately $7 for 25 grams.


1. High Quality
The Kraken kratom products are produced using 100% natural ingredients. The products have several health benefits.

2. Cost-Effective
The product is very much in demand because of its popularity and effectiveness of its products. Many customers give positive reviews about the product and its effectiveness in improving their health conditions.

3. Easy To Prepare 
The Kraken kratom tea powder is easy to prepare and can be used with hot water or cold water depending on personal preferences. It is highly recommended for people who are finding it difficult to prepare the tea powder.

4. Taste
The product has very good taste and is easy to consume. The tea powder has several health benefits and can be consumed daily if needed.

5. Quick Result
The Kraken kratom capsules are effective because they have been designed using the latest technology in the market. The capsules help in boosting energy levels and also help in relieving pain due to their powerful ingredients.

Advantages of this brand over competitors:

– Kraken kratom capsules can act as a pain reliever, help in boosting energy levels by increasing mental focus. It is also said to help in improving moods and treating depression. The product has been tested and approved as safe by several users who have given positive reviews on the effectiveness of the product.
– Kraken has been in the business for over two years and has managed to establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers of kratom in the market. The company has been able to create a number of products that are made from a wide range of ingredients using the latest technology.
– Kraken Kratom is easy to consume and gives quick results. The product has been approved by thousands of users who are suffering from different conditions and its effectiveness in relieving pain, increasing energy levels, boosting mental focus, and relieving anxiety. 


Kraken kratom being an online vendor feels very much like any other website out there. The site has a lot of relevant information about their products and what they are all about. The main thing you will see is the products with a short description and the price for each product. Kraken kratom gives clear information about the different products and ensures that no doubt or confusion is left in anyone’s mind.

The site looks professional enough and gives a good first impression to the average customer. More importantly, the site is easy to use and possesses a very clean structure that makes navigation easy and simple. It has a modern design and looks professional in its outlook. 

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